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Our service

Coffee is a luxury drink. And not just any luxury drink. Coffee is the world’s most sought-after luxury drink.

We meet and exceed the wishes and expectations of every connoisseur and coffee drinker and impress our customers and partners again and again. Many coffee lovers are aware of the problem with coffee machines. When a machine stops working, it’s more than just annoying; it costs them money. Transport, repair costs and waiting for the machine to be returned are some of the problems that spring to mind. Another aspect is how we treat our environment. A problem which is often neglected is the inappropriate way in which coffee machines are disposed on a regular basis. When they stop working, they are often simply thrown away. The environment is integral to human existence. L’Amante is taking responsibility for our environment with the new concepts and ideas we develop. Our focus should be on more than simply enjoying the moment; we have to think of the environment too. That is why L’Amante has introduced a special service package.

What you get from it.

Contents of the service package

  • We send you a descaling agent free of charge on a regular basis
  • If your machine develops a problem, a replacement device will be delivered to your house immediately
  • At regular intervals, you will receive a new coffee machine in return for your old one

Which is close to our hearts.

Environmental benefits

Broken tab machines are particularly irksome. Repairs are often not worthwhile for cost reasons, which means that many of these machines are simply thrown out. As part of the L’Amante service package, if your machine is damaged (unless those damages are a result of negligence) you will immediately receive a replacement device at no cost. This will belong to you, and you can send your damaged machine back to us, also at no cost. We repair and reuse the defective machines as used machines or lease them in return for a deposit. This approach keeps all of our coffee machines on the market for far longer than usual. If a coffee machine is genuinely beyond repair, the serviceable parts will be reused and the rest disposed of appropriately. That’s what we owe the environment.