L’Amante as lifestyle.

Our quality

We view L’Amante coffee as a lifestyle, representing a combination of indulgence, freedom and wellbeing.

Everyday life is becoming ever more stressful – everything has to be done at once. We are paying less and less attention to what we eat and drink. This makes it more important than ever to find moments of relaxation and satisfaction. We have taken a big step closer to this ideal with a premium Italian coffee and superior roasting that should be affordable for everyone. Coffee is the most popular hot beverage in Austria. The trend is for high quality and digestibility, particularly for food and drink that is meant to be savoured.

Quality from the outset.


Quality starts with how the coffee beans are grown. Green coffee beans are classified into five categories. From A (highest quality) to E (lowest quality). The quality categories are based on factors such as the quality of the soil, the effects of climate and weather conditions, whether the crop is harvested manually or by machine, and also whether fertilisers and sprays have been used or not. We at L’Amante use only the highest quality coffee beans (Class A) to make our coffee. But even the best raw product is not enough on its own to provide the right level of quality for the coffee market. The second, almost even more important step to get right is roasting.

highest classification

Quality in the processing.

The roasting process

Roasting is the key to a high-quality coffee. It is only through a proper roasting process that the coffee beans are refined and develop their unique aroma. With up to 800 flavours, coffee has considerable taste potential and is the perfect drink to follow on from a premium wine. At L’Amante, our philosophy is to supply the best flavours and high-quality coffee to brighten the day of all coffee lovers. The special L’Amante roasting process means that sleeplessness, heartburn and stomach problems are a thing of the past. L’Amante coffee is exceptionally digestible, and even drinkers with sensitive stomachs can enjoy it without problems. Those who could no longer drink coffee owing to physical problems can now rediscover drinking pleasure with L’Amante. What makes the L’Amante roasting process so special? The green beans are roasted slowly and gently in a drum roasting process for 15-22 minutes (depending on the variety) at approx. 220°C, and then at 140°C, before being air cooled. L’Amante roasts its beans for up to 75 times longer than the rest of the industry. This slow and gentle roasting process removes bitter compounds and chlorogenic acids. This creates the flavours which give L’Amante coffee its great taste and easy digestibility.

Up to 22min
Length of roasting

with temperature lowering process

Environmental friendliness.

Our capsule system

Coffee in capsules is currently the fastest growing market in the coffee industry. More and more people are switching to capsules, as they are extremely easy to use while offering a wide range of flavours. Criticism of the environmental friendliness, additives and traces of aluminium in coffee from capsules is growing ever louder. We aim to solve these problems with our pioneering products. Our capsules contain nothing but the highest quality coffee. We want our customers to be able to enjoy our coffee with a totally clear conscience in terms of both their health and the environment. For this reason, we only sell our coffee in biodegradable capsules.