The Koro is a machine with professional quality and capability, but at the price of a starter model. In addition to its contemporary design, this is why it has become one of our most popular machines. Another major plus point is the flexibility with which the machine can be arranged. The Koro can meet almost any need. The Koro is available with milk powder for ease of use in offices and with fresh milk to give customers in the hospitality industry exactly what they need.

Technical information (Milk powder option)Additional options
Coffee bean container350gCoin validator
Milk powder container300gKey system
Selection (coffee varieties)8Drinking chocolate container
Dimensions500x330x520mm (HxWxD)Cup warmer
Boiler capacity0,3lFridge (fresh milk option)
Current consumption1500WLower cupboard


The Korinto is the ideal espresso machine for restaurants, cafes or hotels. Its advantages include the ability to make two coffees at the same time. Another plus point of our Korinto is its reliability.

Technical informationIncluded
Coffee bean container1400gDrinking chocolate container
Chocolate powder container1800gAdditional options
Integrated Cappuccinatore (fresh milk)Coin validator
Double coffee outletChange machine
Selection (coffee varieties)8Key system
Dimensions720x330x530mm (HxWxD)Cup warmer
Boiler capacity0,5l (steam) / 0,6l (Espresso)Fridge (fresh milk option)
Current consumption3250WLower cupboard


The Krea is a winner thanks to its excellent price/performance ratio and attractive design, but above all thanks to its incredible output. The Krea can make up to 150 coffees continuously without having to remove suds or refill containers. Cup detection avoids mishaps when serving. The Krea is the perfect machine for highly demanding environments.

Technical informationIncluded
Coffee bean container1200gDrinking chocolate container
Milk powder container700gAdditional options
Chocolate powder container1500gCoin validator
Cup detectionChange machine
Selection (coffee varieties)10Key system
Dimensions750x410x564 mm (HxWxD)Cup warmer
Depth with front door open822 mmLower cupboard
Boiler capacity0,5l
Current consumption1950W


The “luxury liner” of our coffee machine range. The large 10” touchscreen display doesn’t just look good; it can also play a corporate video in standby mode. Take advantage of the elegant design for your company image. The Wittenborg is also capable of preparing two different types of coffee beans at the same time. Offer your employees and customers the perfect coffee experience.

Technical informationIncluded
HD touchscreen10"Drinking chocolate container
Selection (coffee varieties)unbegrenzt Sugar container
Grinders2Additional options
Cup detectionCoin validator
Also makes pots of coffeebis 24 cm HöheChange machine
Lit output areaKey system
Lit bean containerCup warmer
Service light in the machineLower cupboard
WiFi and Bluetooth
Dimensions870x450x525 mm (HxWxD)


Our table-top device to meet the highest demands. Filling, cleaning and maintenance is extremely easy thanks to the colour-coded parts. Like all our machines, our Solista also prepares fresh coffee beans. Whether genuine Italian espresso, a strong lungo, the perfect cappuccino or simply a hot chocolate, our Solista can do it all.

Technical informationIncluded
Number of cups200Cup ejection
Stirrer length95-105-115 mmSugar container
Cup detectionDrinking chocolate container
Cup diameter70/71Additional options
Selection (coffee varieties)9Coin validator
Dimensions750x410x564 mm (HxWxD)Change machine
Depth with front door open822 mmKey system
Boiler capacity0,3lCup warmer
Voltage230VLower cupboard


This high-performance hot beverage machine is a winner thanks to its performance, ease of use and design, but above all thanks the quality of the coffee it makes. We fill our Concerto exclusively with whole coffee beans.

Technical informationInkludiert
Number of cups500Included
Stirrer length95-105-115 mmSugar container
Cup detectionDrinking chocolates
Cup diameter70/71Additional options
Selection (coffee varieties)18Change machine
Dimensions1700x600x740 mm (HxWxD)Note reader
Depth with front door open1250 mmKey system
Boiler capacity0,5l