Spread enthusiasm. Recommend quality.

The Customer Credit programme

Our aim has always been to offer the best products at the best price. It is not at all easy to turn this vision into reality. In terms of the price/performance ratio, we have succeeded without having to say “If only...” We don’t just want to be cheaper than comparable products; we want to be cheaper than all products on the market. That’s why we launched the “L’Amante Customer Credit programme”.

"How does it work?"

Whether consciously or subconsciously, every customer recommends a host of products from a wide range of companies that have impressed them every day. These recommendations boost the companies’ turnover, but they don’t thank their customers for it. L’Amante is different: unlike many other companies, L’Amante rewards you for your recommendation.

Recommendations pay off!

Save money while drinking coffee

For each of our products purchased by a customer generated as a result of your recommendation, we give you a credit voucher you can redeem for future orders.


This enables you to enjoy our products for less or for nothing. To find out how much credit you have already earned, go to www.lamante.at and log in to your individual area.

No pain, no gain.

Partner programme

There is yet another way to earn money from L’Amante. With the Partner programme. The Partner programme differs from the Customer programme primarily in that, instead of receiving a credit for your purchases, as a Partner you are paid commission into your account. Interested? Then ask your advisor for more information.

Here is some key information about the Partner programme:
  • No minimum sales per month to be entitled to earn commission
  • Commission is paid on all sales at exact rates
  • No possibility of being “overtaken”
  • Possibility of multiplication
  • No obligation to purchase products
  • Coffee is the world’s second largest industry after crude oil.