High-quality. Indulgent.

Hospitality concept

Turn guests into regulars by rounding off their meals with a culinary highlight – sensational and stomach-friendly coffee by L’Amante.

Your guests are increasingly spoiled by high-quality coffees which they are used to enjoying at home. Coffee after a meal is the perfect way to round off an enjoyable evening.

The quality of your coffee says a lot about your company. The coffee you serve after a meal is like your business card.

L’Amante. Your business card.

Our concepts for your business

  • Concept for your portafilter machines
  • Quick, simple & tasty drinking chocolate
  • Organic coffee & organic decaffeinated coffee
  • Fully automatic coffee makers for the perfect L’Amante coffee

Quick. Easy.


Hand on heart, how does decaf coffee taste?

We offer decaffeinated organic coffee in biodegradable capsules for all standard portafilter machines in Austria.

If right now you are thinking “That doesn’t work for me”, we invite you to try it. It works!

We have the right capsule portafilters for the following machine types:
(If your model does not appear in this list, please get in touch with us.)

Relaxed indulgence.

Benefits of capsules in your range

  • Lasts 2 years thanks to individual nitrogen packaging
  • Different varieties – L’Amante organic coffee, L’Amante organic decaf coffee
  • Increased range = increased sales
  • Can be ordered separately in small quantities if required
  • Higher profit margin with special varieties
  • Extra product, no effect on the standard/bean range
  • No risk through minimal start-up costs
  • Quick and easy to use.

Easy, Quick & Tasty.

Drinking chocolates

Real Italian drinking chocolate from L’Amante. Make delicious, creamy drinking chocolate easily with the L’Amante milk frother. The strong, full-bodied taste of chocolate with the intense aroma of the cocoa bean.

The hot chocolate offers discerning chocolate connoisseurs the pure flavour of 100% chocolate.

L’Amante only uses gently roasted, high-quality cocoa beans to make its drinking chocolate. A taste experience for your guests which you can prepare very easily in our milk frother.

The L’Amante milk frother

As working in gastronomy can often be stressful, our milk frother offers a simple, time-saving alternative. The L’Amante milk frother is flexible, easy to use and dishwasher-safe to make cleaning simple. It works practically independently, so your staff can get on with other things while making milk froth or drinking chocolate. The perfect milk froth always works for your coffee products, such as melanges, cappuccinos or cafe lattes. Mix things up a bit when making our drinking chocolate, from creamy to Italian pudding style, to treat your guests just the way you want to.