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Office concept

Our range includes ideal solutions for offices of any size.

Protect you, your customers and employees from excess acid in the body with coffee with an unbeatable taste.

Coffee is so much more than a hot drink that wakes you up in the morning! As well as stimulating all our senses and captivating us with its unique aroma, it also boosts motivation and increases concentration levels.

Quality. Service.

What matters to us

  • Highest quality
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Best functionality
  • Reliability
  • Attractive design
  • Ultimate ease of use
  • Low cleaning and maintenance requirements
  • The best service

Better health.

Our quality

Create a positive atmosphere and surprise your guests with excellent coffee. The slow and gentle roasting process at L’Amante removes the chlorogenic acids found in coffee. Protect you, your customers and employees from excess acid in the body with coffee with an unbeatable taste.

highest classification
Up to 22min
Length of roasting
with temperature lowering process

Cup performance. Efficiency.

Our machines

To ensure high cup performance, durability, appealing design and machine efficiency, we work together with leading manufacturers from Austria, Germany and Italy.

Coffee takes centre stage for us. Coffee machines are a means to an end.

For this reason, our machines can not only be purchased; we also lease them out in return for a deposit. But coffee machines aren’t the only key elements in enjoying coffee the way it was meant to be. We also supply coffee cups and other coffee accessories as required. Serve your employees and customers high-quality L’Amante coffee.

Pleasant. Attractive. Profitable.

Location equals money

In offices, our “Location equals money” concept is proving very popular. Do you have an office? Do you have staff or regular visitors who drink coffee? Why should it only be the coffee companies that make money at this location and not you too?

We have the right coffee machines for you, perfectly designed for self-service, if required also including a payment system. You can purchase or receive any of these machines. Our machines are supplied in return for monthly purchases of our coffee. This gives you the opportunity to start earning money immediately.

If you have questions, we will be happy to advise you!