And that’s what we want to do.


Coffee is the world’s most popular luxury drink. There are few people who do not love this black gold. However, more and more people have problems with coffee. They suffer from stomach trouble, heartburn or insomnia after drinking coffee. L’Amante has developed a coffee brand that eliminates these problems with high quality standards and gentle roasting. Our aim is also to enable people with sensitive taste buds to enjoy coffee while avoiding all the problems they may be familiar with. But this is only possible when the highest quality is available at an affordable price.

For this reason, as well as providing unbeatable quality L’Amante offers a unique Customer programme through recommendations, which has an effect on the costs – meaning you can benefit from the best possible price. Many of our customers already drink L’Amante coffee free as a result of their recommendations. Another area where the L’Amante quality shines through is the Service programme, which gives customers or partners the option of never having to buy a coffee machine ever again. L’Amante also offers the opportunity to independently earn extra money thanks to an incredible, brand new Partner programme called “Economy 4.0”.

Highest quality at the best price!

In the beginning was the coffee cherry.

Founding philosophy

L’Amante Kaffeeservice is an Austrian company founded in Graz in early May 2012 by Kai P Schober, who is also the company owner.

We view L’Amante as a lifestyle, representing a combination of indulgence, freedom and wellbeing. In our increasingly stressful everyday working lives, it is more and more important to find moments of relaxation. L’Amante offers its partners, customers and potential customers these moments of perfection.

"I was shocked by the number of people who suffer from insomnia or heartburn after drinking coffee. I am all the more delighted that we have solved these problems with the high quality of our L’Amante coffee, increasing the quality of people’s lives."

Kai P. Schober, CEO